We should be able to discover our youth’s potential and the gene, the motivational force


Summing up work and results of the Presidential IT Awards Committee, Hovik Musayelyan noticed that one of the most concerning issues observed by the Committee during interviews with award candidates is that many of them, even the best students of mathematics and physics, as well as natural science schools gave surprising answers to members of the Committee about their career choices.

Most of them confessed that they would choose to study in medical or economic universities. Basically, they wanted to study everything except natural science, which came as a surprise for the Committee members. The Committee members shared their concerns with the RA President.
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Formation of role models for youth – A challenge for civil society

The formula of success in an age of high tech, strong competition and in-depth knowledge is consistent and diligent work, a vision of the ultimate goal and desire for it. Being satisfied with what we have and not going forward, is now equivalent to failure. All this is fully applicable not only on a personal level, but also in the context of the overall sphere. We are talking about information technology, as existing global trends clearly demonstrate that this area is becoming the mainstay of economic growth in all countries. Continue reading