I would like for people to understand the real value of information


Mr. Musayelyan in your opinion what is the role of technologies in developing civil society during the post election period in Armenia?

It is not a secret that technologies play a big role in developing civil society, and the events and geo-political realities of the recent years are a proof of that. There are many examples including the activity in social networks, but I do not think that the reason are technologies and technological development. Technologies are tools, they are simply means through which different social groups can communicate with each other, exchange information, mobilize over pivotal ideas and engage in activities. These tools will develop more and more, but I do not think that people, who do not actively use social networks today, do not contribute to civil society. There are people, who have certain role in building civil society due to their activities, however spending time on blogs and in social networks for them is a waste of time. Continue reading