“Inventory” of IT resources, efficient education, and we can turn the world over. Hovik Musayelyan

Yerkir.am interviewed Hovik Musayelyan, Director of “Synopsys Armenia” about the current situation, challenges and strategies of IT sector.
Q: Mr. Musayelyan, IT sector is considered one of the relatively fast growing branches in Armenia. How do you evaluate its current state, if compared with global developments? Do we keep pace or do we “run” behind the developments?
A: When we talk about the development of the IT sector, the competitive advantages we have, we should always specify what sector of IT we are talking about. In particular, if we are talking about the design of microelectronic circuits, we have obvious advantages here: two of the three world giants have their own R&D centers in Armenia, while the other branches of this field enjoy relative success. Continue reading