Starting September, 3 new disciplines will be included in 5 high schools’ curriculum to foster IT sphere development



A pilot project at Armenia’s 5 high schools with orientation in physics and math will be launched in September 2015. As Synopsys Armenia Director Hovik Musayelyan told during a talk with, within the scope of the project, the subjects of Microelectronics, Information Technologies, and Basics of Telecommunications will be included in the general curriculum and taught as mandatory disciplines. “This is an initiative shared by Synopsys Armenia, VivaCell and Unicomp companies. This project is unprecedented for in no other country in the world these disciplines are regarded as mandatory. I think the number of the schools involved will increase in the future and odds are this will become a chess phenomenon in the IT sphere”, he said.

Hovik Musayelyan underlined that the IT labor market currently experiences a lack of 2000 quality specialists, and should there be such specialists in Armenia today, they would find employment.

“This education project is aimed to fill the gap in the labor market. Schoolchildren will get interested in the IT sphere from an earlier age and as a result choose these specialties when entering a university. Upon graduation, they will be able to find employment in high-ranked international companies represented in Armenia and connect their future with Armenia”, he added.

Hovik Musayelyan stressed the necessity of encouraging Armenian specialists through implementation of various initiatives.

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