Synopsys Armenia In-Touch Newsletter: Hovik Musayelyan Shares his Outlook of 2020

This year is a very challenging one because of COVID-19 pandemic. How would you assess the situation in our company?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 months since our work routine has changed. And it’s not clear yet when we will return to the office life. There are employees who visit the office due to their job responsibilities. We also allow some business essential visits.

Overall, the virus has affected almost everyone in different ways. Some of our colleagues have already overcome it, while others still receive treatment. We wish good health and a speedy recovery to everyone. And our deepest condolences to those our colleagues, who lost their friends or relatives.

The year is yet more difficult considering the conflict and its aftermath. What would you say about the employees’ mood? Has the situation affected them and their performance?

I would say that the overall mood is similar to the mood of the majority of Armenians and stipulated by both the war with its consequences and the pandemic. However, there is a strong belief that the support that we can now extend is first of all through the diligent job that we continue to do to meet the company goals, as well as the engagement in various humanitarian activities. I think both these goals are met at a high level.

Do you see any concerns for the business, specifically for foreign investments?

As I said, all our teams keep the high level of performance and responsibility, although they work from home and the emotional state is far from perfect. Of course, employers are concerned about the increased rate of coronavirus and the post-war period difficulties. Many of our overseas colleagues show their support and we highly appreciate it.

I am happy to state that those who were called for service or joined the army on a voluntary basis are returning to their families. And I am sure they will promptly get back to the ordinary work pace.

Is there any message that you would like to share with the employees?

I am proud of our team. Very quickly we created a strong and professional team, which was able to promptly integrate into the Synopsys big family and become one of the important offices of the company.

The whole Armenian nation is living through hard times, but we will definitely come through all challenges we have now and we may have in the future. We should stay united and support each other. And most importantly, we should continue to improve ourselves to be a better person, a better specialist and a better citizen. I am confident we can revive as yet a stronger team and a more dignified nation.

Source: Synopsys Armenia Internal Newsletter

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